Enrico Cassina represents the decorative and stylistic passion for handles to 
its highest level. The catalogue proposes objects with the highest decorative characteristics: thanks to Officine Meccaniche Porro technologies,
the handles have a magnificent refinement in each detail.

Enrico Cassina has a wide historical archive of moulds: each object belongs 
to the main artistic trends, that have influenced furniture and design in 
recent centuries. Furthermore, Enrico Cassina reproduces the historical 
signs in a contemporary view.

It was 1850 when Enrico Cassina, a young Milanese artisan and expert in 
bronze work, decided to open his own workshop. Until that time artisans and blacksmiths had created brass handles and furniture fittings individually by 
hand as requested by their customers. Enrico Cassina believed that by using 
carefully crafted moulds and expert finishes he could create highly 
sophisticated designs more efficiently. It was a lucky guess: the name Enrico 
Cassina became widely known in the lively Milan of the late 18th century and 
his handles became an essential symbol of the city’s elegant buildings.

The workshop became a meeting place and laboratory for architects and 
artisans and the Cassina’s became expert in drawing inspiration from 
architecture, prints, furnishings and jewelry to design their durable and 
functional handles.

The years passed by the passion remained. 
At the turn of the new millennium Enrico Cassina, a company with excellent 
products but a small production and business structure, found itself facing an increasingly globalized and fierce market.