Magnetic Bolt - Magnetic release system for double door

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Magnetic release system for double door


General Info:
- Silent bolt action
- Suitable double door (french doors) Wood and Aluminum Doors
- Doors with or without door stops.
- Pivot door and more
- Ideal for a double action / pivot door ( Ergon System ) 

Available Finish: 
- Satin Chrome - In stock 
- Polished Chrome ( Special Order / minimum quantity required ) 
- Oil Rubbed Bronze ( Special Order / minimum quantity required )
- Polished Brass  ( Special Order / minimum quantity required )
  (Special finishes upon request, minimum quantity required )
- Manufactured in Europe and comes with a 1 Year  Guarantee 

How it works:
"Magnetic bolt" replace old fashion "Flush bolt" The different is Magnetic Bolt deploy bolt automatically into the door frame header when the leaf (inactive leaf) is closed. 

Magnetic bolt are used most often on french doors. Generally when you have a set of double doors, 
one of the doors is inactive the majority of the time and the other door closes into it. 
In other words, the hinges are on the outside and the doors close together in the middle.

The "Magnetic Bolt" prevent the inactive leaf from being opened. 
When the active leaf is opened, the "Magnetic Bolt" stay on the locking position on the inactive leaf not allowing doors to open.
To rerlise "Magnetic Bolt" you will need to press push-button on the edge of the door and pull the door to open position .

Please note:
Magnetic Bolt Is designed for Interior and Non-fire doors only,

Installation Instruction:
Installation Instruction>>>Click Here

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