Magnetic Lock / Bath Version / Privacy
Magnetic Lock / Bath Version / Privacy

Magnetic Lock - F 932 with No Visible Handle , Passage Version, Satin Stainless Steel Finish - Special Order

Your Price: $198.00
Lead Time 4-6 weeks / Special Order
Part Number:Lock F 932/PAS/SCH

w/ no visible handle - Passage Version

- Satin Chrome Finish
- Passage Version 
- Suitable for Wood or Aluminum Doors
- Standard passage version
- Ideal for a double action pivot door
- Silent tongue action
- No visible door hardware or rosette
- No visible striker plate when door is closed
- Smooth pull and push action
- Available Finish: Satin Stainless Steel Finish (other finishes upon request/special finish)
- Manufactured in Europe and comes with a 2 Year  Guarantee

Open / Close Functionality:
With the new handle free lock, to open the door, simply push the flap in and pull or push the door open. 
To close the door, simply push the door shut, the magnetic lock will self engage once the magnetism of both the lock and strike meet.
Swing Doors:
The new handle free lock is ideal for doors that swing in both directions due to the fact that it is not handed, this means that it will lock no matter which direct the door swings in. Added to this is the lack of a visable strike plate, traditional solutions require a visible unsightly custom made strike plate mounted to both sides of the door jamb, not with the new handle free latch. You dont see it.

With a handle free latch there is no visible door handle, you have a complete smooth wall surface. With a handle free lock there is no visible strike plate when the door is closed, as a result you have a clean door & jamb. When the door is open, there is no unsightly lock tongue protruding from the edge of the door, a clean look.

Protruding Strike Plate:
With a handle free lock there is no chance of catching clothes or arms on protruding lock tongues & strike plates.

With a handle free lock the locking mechanism is completely silent due to it being magnetic. No lock tongue to hit the strike.

Wide door Jambs:
With a handle free lock the need for wide custom strike plate due to the tongue rubbing against the wood jamb before it hits the strike is no longer required due to the tongue only engages when the magnetism of both the lock and strike meet.

With a handle free lock, because the tongue engages due to the magnetic attraction to the cup in the strike plate (not due to moving parts), it will for all intents and purposes never fail.

Adjustable Strike Plate:
The strike plate offers an adjustment function of no less than 2 mm after installation using 2 grub screws: a perfect offset remedy when it becomes difficult to align door and jamb.

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