Release Buffer for Sliding
Release Buffer for Sliding

Buffer / Release for Sliding Door - Force / 85 N

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Pushes sliding doors out of wall pocket.

Price per 1 pc.

Single Sliding Door Application Require One (1) pc.

Components Included 

Release buffer with counter plate and fixing screws.

Application area

Suitable for sliding packet door.

Technical Data

  • TYPE OF DOORS - Sliding Packet Door
  • MATERIAL - Spring tube of aluminum; front plate and piston rod zinc-plated steel.

  • Can be installed into either opening edge of door or into the wall.
  • When door is in open position - light pressure against door edge will release buffer.
  • Extension force max. 85 N
  • Integrated spring pushed door out of the pocket wall at a max. of 85 N, enough to make flush pull accessible.
  • Magnetic piston end allows door to be held open safely engaging with a small metal plate supplied.
  • 20 mm stroke.

More Info:

 When opened many sliding doors disappear in so-called wall pockets. 
This is the optimum solution - if there wasn't the problem of the door handle for closing the door no longer being accessible. But in case the door is not opened completely, precious width of the passage is lost. In the worst case, especially in barrier-free buildings, this could require a wider, more expensive door. 

The AFF release buffer is a simple and reliable solution to this problem.

Usually the release buffer is mounted (invisibly) in the opening edge of the door. 
When opening the door the magnet buffer on the piston rod hits a counter plate. 
This at the same time keeps the door in the open position. If you want to close the door, you just have to press lightly against its edge and the integrated spring will push the door out of the wall pocket so far that the handle is accessible again.

The release buffer is available with two different spring forces. Usually the model with 85 N will be sufficient. The stronger version should only be choosen if the door is not smooth-running, e.g. when a brush seal is mounted.


Manufacturer’s Standard Warranty:  Warranted materials shall be free of defects in product material for a period of two (2) years from the date of substantial completion. 


Release Buffer for Sliding Door System shall operate smoothly and quietly .

Release Buffer are Engineered and made for AFFurniture Inc.

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